Why Did Lionel Messi HATE Chelsea?

Lionel Messi has been part of some of the biggest rivalries in world football. El Clasico. The Superclásico. However, one thing you may not know is that Lionel Messi hates Chelsea! Is it the strangest rivalry in football, or has it been blown out of proportion? Watch this video to find out; why does Lionel Messi hate Barcelona?

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39 respuestas a Why Did Lionel Messi HATE Chelsea?

  1. A ukhairyote. dijo:

    I don't know if somebody hates Chelsea or not but as a Barca and Argentine fan I am sure as hell that I hate any german team.

  2. Jinx dijo:

    Jose Mourinho Being So Funny

  3. Amr koora Salem dijo:

    I also hate Chelsea there way of playing is just in the low level of football

  4. Nelema Choudhury dijo:

    Why is it that most Chelsea fans like messi?

  5. Sánchez Boy dijo:

    Now Messi and Zlatan are happy to hear the news about Roman selling Chelsea forever 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😜😜😜😜😜😜

  6. Sánchez Boy dijo:

    This is why I like Messi because he likes Arsenal.

  7. Angel Vanchev dijo:

    I hate every player how hates my club

  8. Lord Banana Master dijo:

    Chelsea: Racist club, Lucky as shit all the time, oil club and only wins coz of penalties

  9. Robert Simbeiywet dijo:


  10. Dude Random dijo:

    U mad bro. Messi constantly winds up n threatens to leave for Chelsea when the board doesn't carve in to messi's requests.

  11. chinese citizen dijo:

    man, i loved and miss hating on Chelsea, rivalry was so intense.. good times! congrats to them on the ucl<3

  12. JenEx dijo:

    It should be the other way around.

    Its a disgrace, it's a f***f disgrace

  13. AJ dijo:

    I think Chelsea vs Barca rivalry began in 2000, where they faced each other on Champions League for two legs..

  14. Jahenoor Rahman dijo:

    2 red cards in 2 successive years. Then we all know that 2009 semis. 2012 was a good year.

  15. Sibusiso Vilakazi dijo:

    FC BARCELONA and Chelsea 🥺

  16. Andres Linares dijo:

    Chelsea would have gone through with or without Torres goal 😂 the Torres goal just put it beyond doubt

  17. Elizabeth Csicsery-Ronay dijo:

    Messi hates Chelsea bc Mourinho, the manager at the time, egged his team on to foul him, take him down. So he was fouled incessantly

  18. Elizabeth Csicsery-Ronay dijo:

    Why does Messi hate Barcelona? You must mean Chelsea.

  19. Chelsea fan Joey dijo:


  20. Ademuyiwa Nathan dijo:

    Get your information right soccer stories

  21. Juan Mendez dijo:

    Zlatan hates chelsea? He could have won the champions league if he played with chelsea good player but never won the champions league sorry Zlatan.

  22. Juan Mendez dijo:

    Chelsea made barcelona 2012 champions league a living hell and don't forget Fernando toress goal revenue for 2009 sweet revenue and as a Chelsea so happy we won the champions league against peep.

  23. TheCreatureMaster dijo:

    I hate Chelsea more than Barcelona too

  24. Footy Base dijo:

    Messi hates Chelsea but he follows them on I.G the irony😂😂😂😂

  25. Neezy dijo:

    He said 1 nothing😂

  26. phi heh ka bniat ban ia ka jabieng dijo:

    Chelsea is my drug football is my dealer💙💙

  27. pbkimblee dijo:

    Messi has only scored 2 goals in 10 matches with Chelsea. Probably the hardest EPL team he faced.

  28. bhabani behera dijo:

    From the video I realized that mourinho hates barca and Messi…

  29. FatPizza56 dijo:

    This is just misleading, I don’t think he hates them

  30. whats in a name? dijo:

    Because they chewed the little puppy every single time then let him have some fun at the end. Hype. Messy.

  31. Saleen Kp dijo:

    Forgot to say about the biggest robbery in football. Oh wait its the legendary Oh My goal channel. 🤐

  32. Enio Moricone dijo:


  33. YAFAVELEOG dijo:

    Lemme tell you what's wrong with this video. Messi doesn't hate Chelsea, he hates playing against them. He knows they are good and hates being on the pitch with them, and for good reason.

  34. Nitesh MK dijo:

    Recap: Messi hates Chelsea for being good

  35. Naval Nation dijo:

    Coz messi took 15 years to score against us. Messi since he started his career never scored against us until 2017 he scored against everyone else tho.

  36. Violationz dijo:

    The most useless video ever. He talked about Messi talking about how HIS teamates that time hated chelsea not him

  37. Jujo Kotaro dijo:

    This just makes it more confusing as oh my goal said messi was close to joining chelsea and messi following chelsea on instagram and now you are saying why messi hates chelsea but i think the hate that messi had for chelsea had been done after they won 2006 ucl (maybe?)

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