Pelé and Maradona roasting Leo Messi! | Oh My Goal

Pelé and Maradona absolutely destroyed Messi when they didn’t know they were being recorded! Yes, they’re two of the all time greats, but does Messi deserve this disrespect? In this video, discover why Pelé and Maradona are 100% wrong about Lionel Messi…


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27 respuestas a Pelé and Maradona roasting Leo Messi! | Oh My Goal

  1. GTA V dijo:

    For those Messi and Ronaldo fangays,
    Messi + Ronaldo : 0 World cup
    Pele + Maradona : 4 World Cups

  2. Israel Phidane dijo:

    How do you know if someone he is the best? … The answer is when those who have been crowned for years start criticizing him while speak a lot in comparison with others, in addition they will praise those they know they are less skillful than them. We see this behavior everywhere in our society all the time even at our working environment when great people are being overlooked deliberately because those on top feel threatened or less important. Messi he is the best, and he has a very great personality. I've never observed anyone with that personality, he is humble, displays humility all the time and consider team work rather than shining alone. He is also very supportive. Messi he is a human being character wise and life in general. If you are good with something you don't sound a trumpet…that's Messi

    The greatness of a person is validated by the attitude or behavior of a person which is his actions towards others in the society NOT by being talkative or boosting oneself..That's pride and it must be discredited and abandoned by all means

    "Observe him well and you will learn the ways of nature"

  3. Fxrce dijo:

    RIP to Diego, but they just mad that only one of them held a ballon d’or once in their life. While the other held it 7 times 😂

  4. Jay Stevens dijo:

    Big flop in champions league with PSG. Messi is only successful when he has big all star supporting cast. And, sometimes that's not even enough.

  5. Simon Cowell dijo:

    Messi don't deserve 2021 ballon d'or . Il quit watching football if he wins .

  6. Tanvir Rahman dijo:

    Pele is a Brazilian . And a Brazilian will never respet an Argentenian . And Pele is called the king and one king will never tell that he is greater than me . In my opinion Messi is the best football player in history above Pele .

  7. Louzagmi dijo:

    Maradonna is something
    Poor messi if he saw this

    Fakeee loveeeeeee lmao

  8. Ramim Bro dijo:

    Pele is right

  9. Karan Joshi dijo:

    pele is jeleous of messi because he broke pele's record and some people hated messi for becoming the best footballer. Messi forever 🇦🇷🇦🇷

  10. Who Are you dijo:

    So that's why messi left barca to join psg

  11. Jookz dijo:

    Peles just jealous of the GOAT

  12. faisal ahmed dijo:

    Pele is a mental hypocrite.

  13. santhosh raja dijo:

    Maradona : messi is not a leader

    Messi – inspires his team to win the copa America by being the player of the tournament,top scorer and with top assists

  14. Hridoy Abdullah dijo:

    Messi doesn’t leadership!!!!
    Bro he has been carrying Barcelona and Argentina for ages

  15. Mohammed Ameen dijo:

    Pele don't no anything 🙄 silly idiot.

  16. Richard Haines dijo:

    This is fake because there is a clip of him saying Messi is the best in history

  17. Danyal Malik dijo:

    All the people roasting maradona in the comments don’t know that he’s telling the truth messi isn’t a leader and if he is he’s isn’t better than ronaldo at leading a team maradona was speaking facts

  18. Lounnis Zaatout dijo:

    Pele is jealous cuz messi has 1 more goal

  19. miran dijo:

    Im doing old are u guys?

  20. Nataša Savic dijo:

    pele score from 35000yards legendary free kick!

  21. 1208 Manas Kanodia dijo:

    All great players didn’t remained great after Messi entered field ….so all of them made a ‘I hate Messi club’…

  22. Sgv 626 dijo:

    1thing about Maradona and pele is they don’t choke in the finals !

  23. kaustav nath dijo:

    in your entire video you did prove what they were telling about

  24. Leoperion 123 dijo:

    2:43 I don’t understand

  25. Razaul Karim dijo:

    Can anyone give the answers of my questions
    Q. Does pele has the power to decide who is the best ? Does pele decides the best player in the world ? Did god give the power of deciding the best player of football to pele? So don't care to pele's any talk about messi. The whole world know who is the best(MESSI). He just trying to hide that .

  26. Razaul Karim dijo:

    Ronaldo also not won any world cup . Is pele shy to say it.?. yaa obviously he is ….

  27. Razaul Karim dijo:

    Pele dislikes messi because he knew that in this world messi is the only one who is better than pele and all and the best in the world. Pele feels shy in saying this so he want to hide it by trolling messi. Messi is really a very honest and amiable person of football history . And even he never replied pele badly. Think how much happy was messi when pele appreciated him… But pele never liked him by heart and whenever he gets chance he is ready to troll messi… I think as well as messi his fans also feel bad when pele trolls messi. And I am also a fan of messi 🥺🥺

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