Wayne Rooney – The White Pele | HD 1080p

A Short Video Of Wayne Rooney The White Pele
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17 respuestas a Wayne Rooney – The White Pele | HD 1080p

  1. Abbasiyah Holand dijo:

    What the soundtrack

  2. Sam Ca dijo:

    The white Pele😂

  3. Doãn Công Trịnh dijo:

    what the song?? please

  4. Anthony Mahardika dijo:

    What the song? Please reply.
    I have search, but nothing

  5. MrCodeBlade dijo:

    Who the fuck is Messi?

  6. Aiden Thomas dijo:

    Rooney is the best player of all time!

  7. Bob & Selva dijo:

    Shift up stupid

  8. Seán deBarra dijo:

    @micljnes do you not think that the recent world cup demonstrated that Messi isnt the greatest player of all time? 🙂

  9. Mellow- D dijo:

    @IrishRu5T Additionally, you failed to mention Messi, and for me as an elite footballer, probably the most creative and productive footballer I have ever seen in Ronaldinho. For me, I would struggle to put Rooney among the 100 best players ever to have played the game, the 'white pele' for me is a mere exaggeration, or call it hype if you will, and do you not think the recent world cup demonstrated that ?

  10. Mellow- D dijo:

    @IrishRu5T No converting the converted friend, I am a lifelong Man U fan and you only need look at my comments relative to both 'Best' and Maradonna, but what the objective obervers see is that Rooney is given great service by his many talented team mates, many of whom do not get the recognition they truly deserve, and maybe I have missed something but I have yet to see Rooney take any meaningful game by the scruff of the neck and win it on his own. Good on some days ? yes, Pele's equivalent hmm

  11. Seán deBarra dijo:

    @micljnes Maradona,Best,Eusebio are all better than Pele.Pele played in arguably,the greatest international team of all time.Maradona won a world cup by himself.Eusebio was a one man team.Best was a one man team.Times were different then aswell.He don't see every single game Pele played in.People only talk about his great goals.In 50 years,when people say 'Rooney',everyone will think of the bicycle kick vs City or the screamer vs Newcastle etc etc

  12. Mellow- D dijo:

    Additionally, what many fail to mention is that he was never in the media spotlight for the wrong reasons, which speaks volumes about his 'character' as a human being, which enables him to triumph above the guys who were willing to do everything, bar play football to beat the teams he played with. When he dies god forbid, he will probably have the biggest testemonial football will ever witness. He is the greatest, and there are none who will ever stand beside him.

  13. Mellow- D dijo:

    I am a life long Man U fan, and Rooney is no where near as great as Pele, his temperament is poor to say the least, good maybe, but to compare him to 'the great' Pele is a totally ludicrous exageration, it takes more than just being given the bulk of service and scoring goals to be great, Pele's like many other true legends had a game within a game, beat you with a dribble, pass, or simply just letting the ball run. Pele has more highlights of missed attempts than any other player on earth>>>

  14. messi92ful dijo:

    @AZ96Productions mmm…i like this song..i have search ..but nothing!!….:((

  15. Malav Karia dijo:

    he is the best!

  16. messi92ful dijo:

    come se kiama la canzone del video??
    what is the name song of video? pleaseeee

  17. gabe mora dijo:

    His good but not there yet

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